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Florence is beauty, Florence is history, Florence is art, Florence is fashion.

Made in Italy fashion was born in Florence at the beginning of 1950s. Florence is history and art with its prestigious museums, art galleries, exhibitions, concerts, events, but Florence is also fashion!

Get a chance to live Florence in style. Check our wish list and contact us for more info.



Tuscany is the ideal place for people who look for excellent wines and tasty food.

There is no better way to discover a town than by strolling around its markets. Come with us and feel the true essence of the beating heart of Florence.

We will introduce you to the heritage of tradition and culture hidden in the recipes of our traditional cuisine. The magic is to taste and try the incredible.



If you are looking for something incredible, we will design the perfect experience to make your vacation unforgettable.

Florence symbol of art and beauty. We will help you to discover hidden places. Discover with us the landscape of classic art, the hidden streets and the many secret passageways. 

You will be impressed by the beauty of the architectural works we inherited by our forefathers : Brunelleschi’s Dome, the Giotto bell tower and the Basilica di San Miniato, to name a few..