About us

We offer you genuine “Fiorentinità and Toscanità“

Who we are…first of all we are Florentines, and very proud so, we born and grew up in Florence, we live in Florence and we love Florence unconditionally!

And so, who better than us can show you the best places in Florence and in our beautiful Tuscany, or know about them. Our experience it’s our legacy, our tradition, our families, our habits.

For us it’s normal to know where to go, what’s best in town, what to taste and where to go to discover even the most hidden beauties.

It’s what we have been doing for all of our lives, and in some cases our mothers and grandmothers before us.

Where we are…Our location could not have been anything else, or anywhere else, but cool, chic and Incredible exactly as it is. We are in the oldest part of town, the true heart of the medieval city and the most lively neighborhood , in one of the most magnificient Renaissance palaces, the Antinori Corsini Palace, just a short step from Piazza Santa Croce.
Here where art, beauty, legacy, tradition, authentic Fiorentinita’ and the uniqueness of the location is what we breath every day, this is where we work for you to organize and arrange any sort of event or tailored experiences that would make you stay in Florence one of the most beautiful experiences of your life, surely an Incredible one! Will be glad to do our best to assist you and share with you all we know about the hidden gems and the “secrets” of our beautiful city. After all we are born here, who better than us?

We offer you genuine “Fiorentinità and Toscanità“ and a special attention to all details, wheter it’s in showing you how to cook a Florentine or Tuscan dish, walking through the most secret parts of Florence or cruising in the Mediterranean Sea through our Tuscan islands to discover tastes and flavours which will make your experience an INCREDIBLE one !

Stay with us and let’s share some INCREDIBLE uniqueness during your visit and stay.

Please contact us at: info@incredibletuscany.it we will have a lot to tell you and share with you. Only in Florence, only with us! Florence to live and love as true Florentines!

Something special

What makes us special is that we care. We want you to live and see Florence as only us Florentines we do, and have always done. It’s in our roots and in our hearts.
Discover Florence and Tuscany with us, will make your experience an INCREDIBLE one!