Florence Fashion Apartments
Our fashion, chic and luxury apartments in Florence and in Tuscany.

We offer you only a selected range of apartments located in the heart of Florence and its nearby breathtaking , charming surroundings. Our standards are high, therefore the apartments we propose are not only located in the best areas of Florence and Tuscany, but they all have something special and unique which will make your experience with us and your stay absolutely unforgettable and surely Incredible by all means!


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Florence symbol of art and beauty, is one of the most beautiful Renaissance cities ever.
We will help you to discover hidden places and secluded little corners known to few.
In Florence art is just everywhere to be seen and to be appreciated. Even simply strolling around the narrow streets of the old town you discover many beautiful gems, spectacular piazzas, markets, riverside bars and mediaeval chapels, there’s something enthralling around every corner. Discover with us the landscape of classic art, the hidden streets and the many secret passageways.
You will be impressed by the beauty of the architectural works we inherited from our forefathers: Brunelleschi’s Dome, the Giotto bell tower and the Basilica di San Miniato, to name a few. And just outside the city centre lies the rolling Tuscan countryside, where stunning villas have been planted amongst olive groves and vineyards.


Hit the back streets, play where locals play, take a stroll, savour the moment. Enjoy with us how the true Florentines live the pleasures of life.


We will tempt you with the Tuscan food you can’t do without, once you tasted the so many delicacies of our tuscan tradition. Feel and breath the scents and flavours coming from the markets. Florence is a real gourmet city, will show you how to fully enjoy it like us Florentines.


Fashion is part of italian lifestyle and fashion shopping will be part of your italian experience, we will show you what Florence has to offer when it comes also to style and elegance.

Stay in an apartment is not longer only a trend, but a lifestyle choice.
All our apartments are self catering, but fully furnished and equipped and there should be anything we miss, and you can tell us beforehand, we will be happy to make sure you can find it promptly on your arrival. We want to make your stay as enjoyable and as pleasant as possible.

Our staff, fluent in English, is at your disposal during office hours , from 10 am to 6 pm, and 24/7 reachable in case of any emergency. Take a look at our “wish list“ , we selected all sort of services, from the usual, classic ones to the more unusual and unconventional, anything which could make your stay an Incredible one!